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3 Ways to Motivate People at Work

Motivating people to do great work is a continual challenge for managers. The truth is you can’t really motivate anyone, they have to motivate themselves. Yet companies invest in incentives and reward programs, and hope for the best. Don’t be fooled. Science tells us that people are motivated to satisfy three psychological needs: Autonomy Relatedness […]
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Once Again: What Motivates People At Work?

Most business leaders have lost sight of what motivates people at work. In fact, some companies haven’t updated their incentive practices in years, which means they’re incapable of creating high-performance teams. Companies continue to ignore the obvious: Offering incentives and rewards is less effective than tapping into truly meaningful intrinsic motivation. Leaders operate on old […]
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Business Writing Tips: Get Readers
to Take Action

Smart business writing creates results. It helps if it’s interesting and well-written, but the most important thing to keep in mind is this: Will this report, memo or email get my reader to take action? In my last post, I helped a client rewrite her resume so that it improved her chances of getting the […]
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Rewrite that Resume to Get the Job You Want

Sometimes you have to turn conventional wisdom on it’s ear. A standard resume might get you a standard job, but will it get you the career you want? I was recently in email contact with a client who wanted advice on getting an interview for a job she wants. Dear Chip: I would like to apply […]
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Personal Presence: Image Matters

Personal presence is key to getting promotions, sales, and business results. While character and communication skills are crucial, first impressions count for a lot. Your image matters. The good news is that attention to polish and grooming can enhance your perceived attractiveness. It doesn’t take genetic re-engineering, or money, or plastic surgery. To be perceived […]
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Personal Presence: How Much Do Appearances Matter?

How much are you judged on your appearance at work? Surveys can offer some guidelines as to what senior leaders expect. Sylvia Ann Hewlett of the Center for Talent Innovation surveyed 268 executives and interviewed 4,000 college-educated adults on executive presence, including appearance. More than a third of surveyed executives considered polish and grooming the […]
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Your Personal Presence: Appearances Matter

How much time and attention do you give to your wardrobe and appearance? It’s often the little things that count. Like it or not, first impressions matter. Remember Malcolm Gladwell’s blockbuster book Blink, back in 2007? The author stresses how quickly we decide to like or dislike someone. Our brains size up people in less […]
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Leading with Trust: 5 Skills to Master

I’ve been thinking a lot about leading with trust, how important it is to leadership, and how it’s probably the one factor you can’t ignore if you want to improve as an effective leader. Trust isn’t something you can just leave to fate, assuming because you’re a trustworthy person, it will naturally show up. Anyone […]
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