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4 Tips for Working with a Psychopath

Can difficult people – bosses, co-workers – really change? What if you think your leader is a psychopath? In my previous posts I’ve shared some facts from experts that contend that a small percentage of leaders may have personality disorders and even  psychopathic traits. In fact, some of those traits – the ability to make […]
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Is Your Difficult Boss Almost a Psychopath?

What if your difficult boss or co-worker isn’t really a full-blown psychopath but almost a psychopath? I’ve been writing about psychopathic traits of leaders: Grandiosity and exaggerated self-worth Pathological lying and manipulation Lack of empathy or remorse except superficially Shallowness Exploitation of others for financial gain Like most psychological or personality disorders, psychopathy behaviors can […]
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Charismatic Leader? Or Psychopathic Traits?

If you think that psychopathic behavior is limited to con artists and serial killers, think again. According to authors of Snakes in Suits, Paul Babiak and Robert D. Hare, some organizations actively seek out and recruit individuals with at least a moderate dose of psychopathic features for leadership positions. Some careers such as stock broker, […]
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Psychopathic Leader? 4 Domains of Strange Behaviors

Popular psychology labels are easily tossed around as people make jokes to relieve workplace stress. I’ve been blogging about psychopathic leaders, but before you start thinking your boss is diagnostically evil and looney, let’s review the criteria. There are four domains where a true psychopath will show behaviors that are inadequate or extreme. Interpersonal: How […]
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Is There a Psychopathic Leader in the Corner Office?

Is it possible you work for someone with psychopathic traits? Someone who seemed like great leadership material at one time, but whom you’ve come to know as false and manipulative? Perhaps they’re less than honest and transparent,  always self-promotional and closely guarded? They may show personality traits similar to a psychopathic leader. In the work […]
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The Dark Side of Ambition: Psychopathic Traits at Work

I love ambition. I think it’s a great motivator and source of energy. Let’s face it, some things we have to do at work just aren’t all that much fun, nor interesting, nor urgent… but they must be done. So being a little greedy, or hungry, can be a good thing. But once in a […]
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4 Questions about Your Leadership Stories

In my previous posts, I’ve been reviewing the importance of leadership development through the refinement of leadership stories of adversity, often called crucibles. Leaders become transformed; they’re more authentic when they teach others through the hard lessons they’ve learned. Leaders often begin their careers with a strong drive to achieve and succeed. They focus on […]
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8 Questions to Gain Self-Awareness
through Leadership Crucibles

How can you gain self-awareness and discover the nuggets of wisdom contained in your leadership crucibles? How do you grow from adversity? It’s almost impossible to take stock of yourself and gain self-awareness without guidance from a trusted friend, mentor or coach. To be truly self-aware, you need someone to hold a mirror so you […]
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Leadership Stories: Buried Treasures

I’ve seen this many times in the work I do as a coach: Someone shares their leadership story, but it’s a watered down version. Mistakes are minimized. Success is underlined. I suggest that when leaders do this, they aren’t harnessing their full story to its teaching potential. It’s inherently difficult for us to reflect on […]
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