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3 Types of Conversations Leaders Use

Leaders commonly rely on two types of conversations: telling and selling. When telling, they try to clearly specify what employees need to do (Level I). When selling, they try to persuade them with reasons for doing it (Level II). Unfortunately, some leaders resort to yelling andrepeating themselves, and they wonder why they never get the […]
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Do You Have a Leadership Conversational Style?

What’s your leadership conversational style? I’m learning more about the fine art of leadership conversations in Judith E. Glaser’s book, Conversational Intelligence: How Great Leaders Build Trust & Get Extraordinary Results. If you’re a leader, you know how important it is to be able to influence others, inspire them to take action, and drive business […]
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Conversational Intelligence: Is There Such a Thing?

Is there such a thing as conversational intelligence? It could be that some leaders are naturally more adept at the art of conversation. It’s certainly true that we all could improve our ability to engage and influence others through conversations. “Human beings are the most highly social species on this planet. When we succeed in […]
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5 Key Leadership Values: Which Ones Do You Have?

According to Warren Bennis, co-author with Joan Goldsmith of Learning to Lead,  a Workbook on Becoming a Leader, there are five key leadership values of outstanding leaders: Clear communication Ethical practices Diversity Ongoing recognition and support Participatory empowerment Bennis is sometimes called the founder of authentic leadership. He was a pioneer in developing leadership studies. […]
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Leadership Intelligence: Is There Such a Thing?

I was grazing over on Amazon on the lookout for fresh perspectives on leadership. I noticed that along side of Judith E. Glaser’s excellent book on Conversational Intelligence, was a new title, Personal Intelligence. Is this a trend? Daniel Goleman could have started it 20 years ago with his books on Emotional Intelligence. You can’t […]
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Thoughts on the Fine Art of Smart Conversations

I’m reading an interesting book, Conversational Intelligence: How Great Leaders Build Trust and Get Extraordinary Results by Judith E. Glaser. In it, she observes that in some organizations executives use statements 85 percent of the time, only asking questions 15 percent of the time. And even their questions are often statements in disguise. Leaders who […]
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Conflicts and Leadership Blind Spots

Conflicts can be healthy in relationships and organizations where trust has been established. Diverse perspectives challenge tunnel vision and the status quo, while promoting learning and innovation. When issues are constructively debated, new solutions emerge. Yet still, it’s human nature to want to defend and win an argument. Debate turns into conflicts and becomes destructive […]
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Leadership Blind Spots: Moral Values and Strategy

One of the most challenging choices leaders face is weighing values against short-term business gains. Values and strategy are areas where blind spots commonly occur for leaders. I’ve been discussing how even good leaders can fall into faulty thinking and leadership blind spots. No one is immune. We can group the most common leadership blind […]
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