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How Success Creates Leadership Blind Spots

A leader’s experiences – successful and otherwise – create powerful memories that influence future decisions. Unfortunately, experience also fosters leadership blind spots. “Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.” ~ Microsoft Founder Bill Gates, The Road Ahead Success boosts confidence — and while it can feel especially good, […]
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5 Leadership Blind Spots and 2 Types of Thinking

Why do even very smart and psychologically aware leaders find themselves trapped in the same leadership blind spots? “Blind spots are the product of an overactive automatic mind and an underactive reflective mind.” ~ Steven Snyder, Leadership and the Art of Struggle The brain has two systems for thinking, explains Nobel Prize-winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman […]
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Do You Have a Leadership Blindspot?

If you lack the influence you need, it may be because you’re operating in a leadership blindspot. One of the challenges of leadership is being aware of how your message is received. Everyone has blindspots, even when you have the best intentions and have clearly communicated what’s needed. “Leadership is a struggle by flawed human […]
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Dan Gilbert on the New Science of Happiness

As a follow-up to my series of blog spots on the new science of happiness, I reviewed an interesting playlist of TED talks on the topic. One of my favorites is this one from Dan Gilbert, Harvard psychologist and author, who asks, “Why Are We Happy?” Gilbert makes the point that we can create our […]
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Leaders: 5 Ways to Boost Your Happiness

You have more control over your happiness than you may think. As a leader, your level of happiness will influence and affect those you lead. Happiness contributes to your success. It turns out that some individuals are genetically wired to be happier. But if you’re not among them, what can you do to improve your […]
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What Makes Us Feel Happy Isn’t What We Think

What we think will make us feel happy is usually off-base. While we may work hard to achieve pleasure and fulfillment, we often misunderstand the factors that influence our positive experiences. I hear this from my coaching clients: “I’ll be really happy when…” We assume certain events and milestones will do the trick and make […]
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What’s Your Happiness Set Point?

Most people I ask say they’re “pretty happy” with their lives. Some are always happy, while others always seem unhappy about something. Which makes me wonder: Are the happiest people blessed with luck that bestows a better life and fewer worries? Or, should we attribute their emotional fulfillment to character strengths and mind power? Happiness […]
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Positive Leadership in Action: How to Deliver Results

When leaders put more positive leadership in action, they get better results. Positive leadership isn’t just an exercise in feeling good. It’s about results. The best intentions don’t count unless you put principles into action. To reap the full benefits of positive leadership, you have to continually practice action steps. When some of the executives […]
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