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Positive Leadership Needs Clear Action Steps

Positivity is a principle, not a concrete process like Six Sigma or TQM. Successful implementation therefore requires clearly defined action steps. Think of positive leadership as a funnel: It starts with the organization and its overarching mission and values It permeates leadership teams through the expression of positive values and goals Helps managers implement and […]
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Positive Leadership: Are You Analytical or Socially Savvy?

I’ve been writing about positive leadership and how it’s not just a matter of being “nicer,” or more appreciative to people at work. Positive leaders use communication skills that bring out the best in others. They take real action. Not all business leaders are prone to speaking positively, nor do they shy away from pointing […]
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Positive Leadership Is Not Problem-Focused

Unfortunately, positive leadership practices are truly rare in today’s businesses and organizations. Most leaders are problem-focused. You can’t have positive leadership with a negative focus. In my work coaching executives, there is a natural tendency to talk about what’s wrong and what’s not working. As a boss, are you the Chief Problem Fixer? Two key […]
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Positive Leadership Action Steps for Business Results

There’s some talk around the C-suites about using positive leadership techniques to boost performance but it often meets with skepticism. In my practice as an executive coach and leadership consultant, I encourage positive thinking yet often encounter resistance from cynical, hard-driving executives with a close eye on the bottom line. But positivity coaching today is […]
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Leadership Challenge: The Good Side of Negativity

I’ve been talking about positivity and gratitude for leaders. Well, that’s nice, but it’s actually a leadership challenge. If you want to get people to do things, you can’t only use pats on the back and fists pumps. Delivering bad news has its place. The challenge is getting the right dose of negativity. We humans […]
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As a Leader, Are You For or Against Positivity?

Some executives assert that expressing positive emotions in the workplace denies the harsh realities of 21st-century business, in which everything is too fast-paced and competitive to dwell on people’s feelings. To some, an emphasis on positivity demotivates people to put in hard work and effort. As a leader, are you for or against positive thinking […]
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The Power of Gratitude to Spark Creativity

Is there a connection between innovation, creativity, and gratitude? I have a feeling there is. Once I feel positively recognized and appreciated for something, I start thinking about what else I can do. What new ideas might even be better? Gratitude – whether we feel it or receive it – gives birth to great ideas. I came […]
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Innovation: Putting Ideas and Plans to Work

In these last blog posts, I’ve been writing about how to take a great idea through the innovation development process. Best practices for innovation suggest four distinct phases: Discover opportunities.  Organize ideas into plans or pilot projects. Assess, test and learn from ideas. Execute. After completing the testing, learning and revising phases, put your plans […]
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Innovation: What Mike Tyson says about Great Ideas

Some recently published books on innovation suggest that a great idea is a good starting point for finding growth opportunities, but it’s not enough. In fact, innovation experts suggest your first idea is usually wrong in some meaningful way. Authors such as Clayton Christensen, Scott D. Anthony and Tom Kelley say to use your first […]
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