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Effective Leadership: Why Asking Questions Is Better than Telling

I’ve been sharing my thoughts here and here about effective leadership, in particular the advantages of asking questions, as is possible with coaching questions. We live in a culture of telling, where conversations become opportunities to show how smart or funny we are. While we ask questions to show interest in another person, we just […]
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Ask More Questions for Effective Leadership

The key to effective leadership is through asking more questions instead of telling people what to do. If you’re a boss, you probably do more telling than asking. But questions have definite advantages over giving your people instructions on what to do all the time. However, I’m not referring to using leading questions, to which […]
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Leadership Inquiry: Ask, Don’t Tell

Leadership inquiry may be the key to leading today’s knowledge work force. How can leaders and managers bring out the best in their people? With today’s interdependent work teams it’s not enough to give instructions about how to do jobs. More is required for leaders who wish to engage collaborative partnerships for high performance. “Carpenters […]
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In Search of Good Questions

Do you know how to ask really good questions? I’ve found that great leaders know how to ask questions in just the right way, to open up thinking, stimulate meaningful debate, and further trust among teams. I also find, in the work I do with executives, that it’s really hard for bosses to ask the […]
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Identify Your Strengths at Work: 4 Signs to Look For

How can you identify your strengths at work? Sometimes it’s hard to know yourself well enough to know what you’re really good at. And you’re really the best person to identify your strengths and talents. That’s why strength finder assessments are all self-assessed. However, often we don’t identify our strengths because we take them for […]
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Know Your Strengths at Work: 34 Possibilities

Do you know your strengths and talents at work? Is your job bringing out your best work? Many people I speak with are often stuck doing things they aren’t good at. When I’m coaching clients, they’re sometimes unclear about what exactly they’re strengths are. Sometimes reading a book or taking an online assessment can help […]
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Know Your Strengths and Use Them Well

Do you know what your strengths and talents are? And are you using them to do your best work? Over the last decade, self-help, coaching and leadership professionals have been placing greater emphasis on positivity and personal strengths. The goal is to help clients work with what they have and build on their inherent strengths […]
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