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Leaders: Are You Getting Enough Brain Exercise?

As a busy executive, you barely have time to get enough physical exercise into your schedule. And now it’s just as important you keep your brain fit and strong if you want a competitive advantage as a high potential leader. The American Heart Association recommends 30 minutes of moderate physical exercise five days a week. […]
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Leaders: How Fit Is Your Brain?

We’ve known for some time that leaders require higher levels of emotional intelligence as they pursue career advancement. There’s now accumulating evidence that cognitive fitness is becoming a focal area for high-achieving leaders. Until recently, busy executives could find few guidelines for increasing mental fitness on the job. There are thousands of books about leadership […]
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Autopilot at Work: 3 More Ways to Wake Up Your Brain

In my last two posts here and here, I talk about becoming more mindful. We need to take ourselves off autopilot and wake up our brains. Most of us organize our work tasks with to-do lists in order to prioritize and focus on getting done what matters most. But the danger is that we focus […]
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4 Ways to Take Your Brain Off Autopilot

Is your work becoming so habitual you’re on autopilot? I was talking with a business leader the other day who was telling me how he got more done than anyone else because of his ability to focus and prioritize. He had everything organized into a system of routines and habits. If A, then B. One, […]
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Zombies at Work: Are You Living on Autopilot?

More than two-thirds of us are living and working on autopilot, according to even the most conservative estimates. You’ve probably noticed a few zombies at work in your office. A pattern of behavior can become so habitual that one barely notices anymore what it prompts one to do. One feels automatically, thinks automatically and acts […]
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What Should Leaders Do When Trust Is Broken?

What should you do when trust is broken in your company? Given the rapid and uncertain business climate we’re in,  it’s no wonder leaders can say the wrong thing in haste, or even the right thing but in the wrong way at the wrong time. When that happens, trust is broken. It takes years to […]
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How to Fix a Leadership Trust Deficit

Why do 9 out of 10 leaders rate so poorly on measures of trust? Whether or not your leaders are trustworthy or not, it doesn’t take much to create an atmosphere of mistrust. But the solutions aren’t as complicated as one might think. To improve your connection to people and build confidence in you, try […]
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Leadership Trust: Who’s Behind the Mask?

Even the most competent managers and leaders will suffer a trust deficit if they fail to communicate well with their people. Misguided communications are a big cause of lack of perceived trustworthiness in bosses. And in the work I do coaching people in organizations, it doesn’t take much to fuel the flames of mistrust. Business […]
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