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3 Leadership Trust Questions to Ask

There are three different forms of trust, according to “The Enemies of Trust,” a February 2002 Harvard Business Review article by leadership experts Robert Galford and Anne Seibold Drapeau: Strategic trust—the confidence employees have in the people running the show to make the right strategic decisions. Do top managers have the vision and competence to […]
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Trust: Why Some Companies Outperform Others

You probably assume that because you’re trustworthy, the people who work for you trust you. But that may not be true, according to worker surveys. And it could be a cause of poor business results. A Watson Wyatt Worldwide study of 12,750 U.S. workers in all major industries found that companies with high trust levels […]
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Is There a Leadership Trust Deficit in Your Workplace?

The leaders I work with are 99.9 percent trustworthy. At least in the relationships we have, there is no doubt in my mind they are good people genuinely interested in bringing out the best in themselves and those who work for them. They are leaders you can trust. And yet, if we were to survey […]
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Leadership Health: Tough Choices

Leaders deal with tough choices all the time. But when it comes to their own health, they are often self-defeating and self-deceiving! I don’t buy the excuse that some of us don’t have time for exercise. Or the excuse that we don’t really need to or can’t reduce our stress levels. Here’s why: It all […]
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Leadership Health: When to Call a Coach

The idea that leadership health and peak performance at work is linked to health is not surprising, nor is it new. There are health and fitness programs offered through many employers. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation’s 2012 annual survey of employer health benefits, 63 percent of U.S. companies offer at least one wellness program, […]
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Executive Wellness: Key to Leadership Effectiveness?

I’m interested in learning more about the link between personal good health and wellness and one’s effectiveness as a leader in the workplace. Let’s talk about what is executive “wellness.” How important is it to leaders’ peak performance? In past decades, psychologists used Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to gauge satisfaction. Maslow measured five key life […]
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Is Leadership Linked to Health & Wellness?

If you’ve ever struggled with diet, smoking, exercise or health problems, then you know what I’m talking about: changing or maintaining healthy habits is hard! I don’t care how smart or disciplined you are. It’s not easy for any of us. Many of the people who come to me for coaching struggle with health habits. […]
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