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Customer Communications
and the Empathy Deficit

Have you ever wondered why some people seem naturally quite good at sales and communications, while others struggle? It has a lot to do with the way our brains are wired. In fact, the quality of your customer communications depends on your ability to show empathy. We innately connect with others, both emotionally and physiologically, […]
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Customer Communications: What Messages Do You Send?

What do you need to know to improve customer relationships and communications? Even if you’re not in sales, you still need to be current on the messages you want customers to know. “No matter who employs you or what your organization is selling or servicing, you work within two areas of responsibility; there are two […]
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The Customer Experience:
Not What It Used to Be

Leaders seem to forget that their human assets make or break a customer’s experience. “Interpersonal interaction, though sometimes not the top reason for making a purchase, is almost always the reason for not repurchasing.” ~ Marshall Goldsmith, Don Brown and Bill Hawkins, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There in Sales!: How Successful Salespeople […]
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How an Executive Coach Helps:
4 Steps to Avoid Self-Sabotage Thinking

When faced with a challenge, you may be tempted to dwell on the barriers that stand in your way and use them as an excuse to defer action. But self-handicapping will prevent you from reaching your career goals. Working with an executive coach is one of the best ways to avoid self-sabotaging. In an October […]
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10 Ways to Self-Sabotage Your Success

In my previous post, I mentioned that self-sabotage was one of the main ways executives lose personal power and influence. And yet, many don’t see themselves doing it because it can be so extremely subtle. We’re very poor at making self-examinations. There are many ways we unintentionally lose power and confidence and stay stuck in […]
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How to Sabotage Your Success

As an executive coach, I am privy to clients’ stories of success and failure. I’ve noticed over the years that they commonly share one highly destructive behavior: self-sabotage. Never let the fear of striking out get in your way. ~ George Herman “Babe” Ruth Few of us realize how frequently self-sabotaging beliefs creep into our […]
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Working for a Genius-Maker:
5 Ways to Inspire Best Work

You recognize it when you’re working for a great boss: you’ll go the extra mile and come up with your best work. There’s a story about how a famous statesman used his influence to bring out the best in people, sometimes causing them to stretch beyond their usual efforts. Henry Kissinger, who served as Secretary […]
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Is Your Boss a Know-It-All?
5 Ways to Diminish Others

Does your boss inspire? …Or crunsh desire? Maybe your boss doesn’t mean to, maybe he’s just asserting himself, reinforcing his credibility…trying to remind himself that’s he’s the smartest person in the room. It seldom works, does it? Worse, it back fires because it doesn’t inspire anyone to bring out their best. In the book Multipliers: […]
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