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Leadership Trust: A Look at Pay Disparities

How does executive pay create or break trust and engagement in staff? Most of us expect our bosses to be paid more than we are. We recognize that leaders work long and hard, are intelligent and experienced, and shoulder responsibilities and risks most of us wouldn’t want. But has the economic and lifestyle gap grown […]
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The Leadership Trust Gap

How much do you trust your boss? Do you believe he/she is not only competent but ethical? Just how big is the trust gap with leadership in your organization? In a perfect world, we would be blessed with transformational servant leaders who are intrinsically motivated to provide benefits to their followers. But in the real […]
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The Diminishing of Leadership Power

Until only recently, we presumed that leaders should dominate and followers must do as they’re told. But after several revolutions, labor movements, human-rights legislation and the spread of democracy, the world has radically changed. Along with it, leadership carries less power. Power, authority and influence are in scarce supply for even the most charismatic CEOs, […]
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Bad Leadership: Why Can’t We End It?

Leaders everywhere are in disrepute. What can we do to end bad leadership when our jobs depend on putting up with incompetent or even unethical bosses? “Being a leader has become a mantra. It is a presumed path to money and power; a medium for achievement, both individual and institutional; and a mechanism for creating […]
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4 Steps to Powerful Conversations

What makes the difference between a conversation that goes nowhere and one that’s provocative, productive and mutually beneficial? It’s your ability to really listen, ask questions, and be fully present, something called power listening. “Power listening—the art of probing and challenging the information garnered from others to improve its quality and quantity—is the key to […]
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Business Conversations: 4 Steps to Better Listening

In my previous post, I mentioned that the ability to really listen is the most overlooked and undervalued skill in both business and personal life. We rarely take time to practice doing it better. In Power Listening: Mastering the Most Critical Business Skill of All (Portfolio Hardcover, 2012), Bernard T. Ferrari suggests four steps that […]
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Power Listening Skills: The Secret to Successful Conversations

Are you a truly good listener? How do you turn something as natural and simple as listening into a powerful leadership skill? I only wish I could find an institute that teaches people how to listen. Business people need to listen at least as much as they need to talk. Too many people fail to […]
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Are You Strategically Intelligent?

I’ve been talking about the five key elements of a leader who is strategically intelligent. There is no established assessment tool for strategic intelligence. In Narcissistic Leaders, author Michael Maccoby offers several questions that can help you self-assess your abilities as a strategically intelligent leader. The real test of a leader’s strategic intelligence is in […]
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