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Leadership Self-Deception:
Are You “In” or “Out” of the Box?

I’ve been reviewing concepts about leadership challenges and self-deception. This is a common problem that leaders must confront with each promotion to greater responsibility. It’s something we work hard on in sessions I have with executive coaching clients. (Photo: Leadership and Self-Deception, a book written by the Arbinger Institute, features an entertaining story about […]
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3 Reasons to Grow Talent You Have Into Leaders You Need

I received an email from Kyle Lagunas of Software Advice directing me to an excellent blog post he wrote about developing leaders from within a company. I’d like to share it with you here: Hello Chip, I recently read a compelling quote by Neil Nicoll, President and CEO of YMCA: “Until [we] become much more intentional […]
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The Pervasive Nature of Leadership Self-Deception

The secret of rulership is to combine a belief in one’s own infallibility with the power to learn from past mistakes. ~ George Orwell As much as we’d like to believe that we’re rational human beings, we can all too easily mislead ourselves. Self-deception is a process that encourages us to justify our false and […]
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Meetings: Can We Really Thin Slice Accurately in Two Seconds?

Forming first impressions accurately can be essential in business meetings, especially in sales. But making poor snap judgments because of unconscious biases can be disastrous. The idea of “thin slicing” — sizing someone or an event up in the first two seconds — became popular with the publication of Malcolm Gladwell’s book Blink: The Power […]
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Gender Bias and Snap Judgments about CEOs

Ever since reading Malcolm Gladwell’s book Blink, I’ve become acutely aware of how quickly I make snap judgments about people. No matter how fair and unbiased I think I am, I notice myself forming opinions about people before actually talking to them. In fact, if you travel a lot, you may find yourself doing this […]
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Customers “Like” Social Marketing

Most CEOs hope a stronger focus on customers will protect them from eroding profit margins and commoditization. When companies concentrate on customer relationships, they usually devote most of their  attention to CRM technology that monitors customer satisfaction. But getting closer to customers is not a matter of installing better CRM systems or simply measuring satisfaction […]
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Social Media: Sink or Swim with Customers?

If your company hasn’t jumped on the social media bandwagon yet, It’s probably missing opportunities to connect with customers in new ways. Information technology is reshaping the company/consumer relationship, often bringing benefits to both. The misuse of technology, however, can erode customer care. In the work I do with organizations, I’ve heard more than a […]
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Empathy: When Leaders Lose Touch with Customers

What happens to companies when they focus on the numbers, instead of what customers want? Lack of empathy can lead to a company’s demise. Some business executives dismiss the need for empathy, favoring the more concrete and defensible virtues of rational analysis. They have a point. So did Blockbuster executives when faced with Netflix’s debut. […]
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What Do Your Customers Need Next?

Do you ever wonder how we managed before smart phones and tablets? Everywhere you go people are texting, talking, and web searching with a mobile device.  Or listening to music on a miniature MP3 player. (Photo: It’s worth noting that Sony cofounder Akio Morita and Apple’s Steve Jobs never commissioned market research. Instead, they’d […]
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