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The Case for Emotional Intelligence in Leaders

Should we be concerned about how a leader’s emotional intelligence shows up (or not)? After reading the Steve Job biography, I’ve become curious about the impact of a leader’s style on business results. I’ve been hearing about EI/EQ for a long time, and my assessment partner has a set of EQ instruments that I’ve investigated. […]
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In Search of High Emotional Intelligence in CEOs

Who’s on your list of emotionally intelligent CEO’s, and more importantly, why do you put them on the list? I recently asked the first part of the question over on LinkedIn Questions, and got some really good responses. However, they were just names. I am curious why you choose the CEOs. What is it about […]
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Top CEOs for Emotional Intelligence: Who’s on Your List?

Who’s on your list of top CEOs and leaders when it comes to emotional intelligence? An interesting article by Chip Conley on the Huffington Post names the following 10 leaders based on their emotional savvy and explains why: 1. Jeff Bezos ( With his quirky laugh and self-deprecating style, Bezos doesn’t sound like a Fortune […]
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Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Results

In pondering the issues of leadership and Steve Jobs, the subject of emotional intelligence comes up. Is passion and creativity enough to lead a company to lasting success? Is “genius” enough when it comes to leadership? Perhaps a better question is to ask, “Why do we follow/work for egocentric, immature and emotionally disconnected people?” Other […]
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Steve Jobs: Can Flawed Leaders Lead Great Companies?

“Can leaders with flaws still be effective in leading companies to greatness?” I asked a group of smart professionals this question over on LinkedIn. I was thinking about how someone like Steve Jobs could be effective in a leadership position in spite of his difficulties with people, and of how important emotional intelligence is in […]
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Great Leaders Communicate Why

How come some leaders inspire us to give our best, even when it involves our own hard work and sacrifice? There are as many different formulas for leading a company well as there are brands of cereals at your local supermarket. I think it has more to do with communicating true purpose and vision, the […]
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Great Leaders: Was Steve Jobs Good at Leading?

What makes a great leader? Think about the leaders of Apple, Amazon and Southwest Airlines. You can probably name them: Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, and Herb Kelleher. Next, try to name the leaders of General Motors, TiVo and AOL… right, I’d have to go look them up too. Most senior leaders are highly qualified, experienced […]
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What Millennials Want from CEO’s and Leaders

There’s an interesting post over on Lisa Petrilli’s C-Level Strategies blog, What Millennials Told CEOs They Want from Leaders. (Photo: Photostock.) I’ll re-post some excerpts here before commenting: Ever wonder what Millennials would tell CEOs if they had the chance? Well, at our most recent CEO Connection Forum in LA we asked a group of […]
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