What Books or Blogs Influence Your Personal Leadership?

What books, blogs, speeches or newsletters made a significant impact on you and your personal leadership goals in 2011? How will they impact your goals for 2012? For me, books provide a continual guide to growing my personal leadership.

I asked this question over on LinkedIn Answers and got some great suggestions for books and blogs. I share some of the best with you here.

Priscilla Meckley-Archuleta:

Book: FYI – For Your Improvement. This book and the associated cards have provided a good way for me to assess my skills and outlined ways to improve those skills where I could improve.

Ryan Davies:

Actually mine came from Mike Tomlin, Head Coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers. On a Monday Night Football game last year, he was asked the question before kickoff “What do you have to do differently in order to beat the Baltimore Ravens tonight whom you lost to earlier in the year?” Tomlin responded with “Nothing! We have the right plan and strategy in place. We just have to execute at a higher level!”

That quote always stood out to me when the “going gets rough”. I have to trust that I have the right plan and strategy in place and challenge myself to execute at a higher level. Too many people jump ship and try to change their strategy when they aren’t seeing immediate results. If they just gave it a little more time and effort, they would see the fruits of their labor!

David Kasprzak:

Blog: www.evolvingexcellence.com
Work Sucks, Ressler & Thompson
Start With Why, Spinek

Mark Leisen:

The World’s Most Powerful Leadership Principle, by James Hunter has been around for some time but is a great book on how to be a Servant Leader for you people at work or home. My book is worn and marked up with highlights and sticky notes on key areas for my development as a leader of people. The reinforcement each year keeps me working on the key skills needed to improve. Very easy read; you just have to be honest with yourself and want to improved. Great book to share with your team or friends. Good luck! Mark

Lee Silverstein:

Chip, Excellent question. I’m an avid reader of both books and blogs. When I’m not reading for pleasure then I’m reading to learn. My goals when I “read to learn” are twofold; to better myself and to share what I learn to better others. Here are the books and blogs that have had the biggest impact on me:


“Never Eat Alone” – Keith Ferrazzi
“Crush It” – Gary Vaynerchuk
“Getting Things Done” – David Allen



Kenneth Larson:

New York Times columnist David Brooks has released a new book: The Social Animal: The Hidden Sources of Love, Character and Achievement.

Per the Kansas City Star:

“Brooks concludes that the unconscious has an image problem – rather than a deep dark place where even therapists fear to tread, the unconscious is our ablest ally on the battlefield of life.”

I highly recommend the book which has an unusual presentation in that is is based on extraordinary research but is written in character form around the lives of 2 fictional individuals with enormously different backgrounds; highly entertaining and intriguing reading.

After reading the above work, I conclude that the subconscious drives much more than either the heart or the brain.

Priscilla Dancy:

Books by one of my top authors – Patrick Lencioni
Blogs/Updates from – Kirk Weisler
Reading for pleasure and to learn new things is something I strive to continually do.

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