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Leadership Challenge: Immunity to Change

If you find change hard, you may yet underestimate how powerfully strong is the pull toward non-change.  As good as our intentions are, we don’t realize how strongly we hold onto competing commitments that prevent us from making real and lasting change. It’s as if we have an immunity to change. Some of my coaching […]
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Leadership Problems: Clear Thinking

Clear thinking leads to decisive action. Too many leaders, however, rush to judgment and act before really examining the problem from all perspectives. In today’s organizations, if you’re dealing with simple and easy solutions, then you’re missing something. Problems are multifaceted and complex. As I mentioned in a post last week, problems are both technical […]
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Leadership Proficiency: How Clear Is Your Thinking?

If you want to become a better leader or manager, how do you go about it? I’m not talking about technical skills. I’m talking about ways to improve your personal proficiency, so that you become a better leader of the people in your organization. It seems some people are naturally predisposed to have personal insights […]
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Generational Management:
What’s Good for Gen Y Is Good for All?

The idea of generational management was well expressed in Jamie Smith’s guest post this week. Maybe younger generations need to be managed differently than older workers. But I’m thinking, maybe not. Maybe we’re more alike than we think? (Photo credit Photostock) For example, Ms. Smith mentions three ways leaders can help Gen Y in the […]
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The Need for Generational Management:
A Gen Y Business Student Speaks Out

This guest post is from Jamie Smith, who comments on my previous question, Does Gen Y Have an Attitude Problem? Warning: Soap box! (Photo credit Photostock.) I am guilty of being a part of Gen Y. That said, please continue to read my comment :). I am working on completing my master’s thesis (and I’ve […]
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Leadership Proficiency: Walking the Tightrope

Leadership proficiency requires taking a hard look at yourself. If you’re  not grounded in your values and beliefs, and share them frequently with those you’re in charge of leading, you will not have followers. No one wants to follow someone they’re not sure of, who doesn’t make themselves authentically transparent. This is hard. It’s easy […]
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Leadership Competencies: Know Yourself

In some ways leaders are going to have to become more personally transparent in the coming decade. They must communicate personal proficiency. They need to know themselves well, and not be hesitant to admit reality. Hiding behind your title or office or your reputation doesn’t work, and I doubt whether it ever did. Nor does […]
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The Backside of Leadership…

I asked a question about leadership competencies the other day and got a thoughtful response from a reader, worthy of sharing with you here in a new post. I’d like to stimulate your thinking on this topic — leadership competencies and values — and perhaps hear from you as well in the comments section. In […]
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The Five Core Competencies of Leadership

By some estimates, there are over a half million business books about leadership, but when you study the ideas of the most respected experts, there is frequent agreement on the core competencies required. The same 5-10 competencies define what leaders do. The authors of the book The Leadership Code (Dave Ulrich, Norm Smallwood, and Kate […]
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Leadership Is Changing: Are You?

As I read through the many comments about leadership and managing younger generations on LinkedIn, I’m reminded of that old French saying, “The more things change, the more they remain the same.” The younger employees are different, and workplace attitudes are changing, but they’ve always been changing. (Image by digitalart, Leaders and managers have […]
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