Management Innovation, Gen Y Style

What innovations to management would Gen Y’s make if they were in charge? I ran across an interesting HBR blog entry, Letting Gen Y Lead a Management Makeover by Vineet Nayar, about a business school contest where students are given a chance to reinvent management and organizations of the future. Some of the submitted ideas of these Millennials are worthy of considering:

The blog author reviewed entries submitted to the HCL MBA M-Prize, organized in conjunction with Gary Hamel’s Management Innovation eXchange (MIX) — a collaborative platform dedicated to the reinvention of management.

With more than 50% of the workforce made up of Gen-X and Gen-Y, change is coming.  It is how the boomers decide to handle the change that will make a difference.  Doing things because “that’s the way they’ve always been done” has never been a good plan, and is less so now.  So what is it about corporate structure and the leadership of  other generations that Gen-Y’s find disturbing?

As the author states about 20-something workers, “But keep in mind how alien most organizational environments must seem to them. Used to the web’s meritocracy, they face rigid hierarchies. Comfortable with the transparency of social networking sites, they bump up against information silos and knowledge hoarding.”

I don’t know about you, but I truly believe we are on the cusp of some major changes in 21- century thinking about organizational behavior. Whether we will make a smooth transition or go kicking and screaming depends in large part on a willingness to let go of rigid habits.

What do you think? How open is your organization to new ideas?

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