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The Coming Shift in Age Diversity at Work

As we roll into the Thanksgiving holiday week/weekend, let me share what I am writing for my next newsletter, The Scholz Report, about age diversity at work, due out in December. (Image by digitalart). Big changes are afoot and because of age diversity, things will never be the same in the world of work. I […]
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Gen Y Clashpoints: What Managers Can Do

What can you do as a manager to avoid some of the generational clashes and encourage high performing diverse teams? Without a lot of time available to personally mentor Gen Yers, you can’t ignore the pitfalls or wait for potential relationship problems to explode. (Photo credit Photostock) Here are two common issues that cause conflicts […]
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Managing Gen Y: The Gift of Context

To manage Gen Y, you may need to give them the gift of context. How do they fit in, in the context of your organization, its mission, values and strategic plans? This may seem obvious, but just telling them how your company runs may not be enough. (Image credit Vlado) The trap in discussing ways […]
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Gen Y’s at Work: Two Common Mistakes

There are two frequent complaints about younger workers (Gen Ys or Millenials) from their older managers: They share everything online They treat everyone as equals, and expect to be listened to just as equally As young people enter the workplace, they may find some of their ideals … not so ideal. The reality of companies […]
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Note to Gen Y’s: Drive the Car, not the Tools…

I’m sharing with you some of the most interesting responses to a question I asked on LinkedIn: What’s remarkable about Gen Y workers? Kenneth Larson, Retired Aerospace Contracts Manager, MicroMentor Volunteer and Founder “Smalltofeds” As a small business counselor I have noticed the symptoms of the “Technology Monkey,” particularly among the younger Gen Y Entrepreneurs. […]
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What’s Remarkable About Gen Y at Work?

I asked this question about what people find remarkable about Gen Y at work, on LinkedIn, and sparked some interesting discussions about how Boomer managers react to younger workers (Gen Y or Millenials). I know for myself, a Boomer and parent, I have my own opinions coming from my own generational perspective and experiences. (Photo […]
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Managing Gen Y: In Loco Parentis?

The worst thing you can do as a manager is to treat Gen Y employees like children. And sometimes it’s hard …especially if they  happen to be similar in age to your own adult children! It’s easy to fall into that parent/child interactive mode sometimes, but it’s a real trap when managing. The words “must”, […]
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Management Innovation, Gen Y Style

What innovations to management would Gen Y’s make if they were in charge? I ran across an interesting HBR blog entry, Letting Gen Y Lead a Management Makeover by Vineet Nayar, about a business school contest where students are given a chance to reinvent management and organizations of the future. Some of the submitted ideas […]
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