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Does Gen Y Have an Attitude Problem?

From what I hear from a majority of leaders and managers, the younger generation entering the workforce have an attitude problem. They are “me” centered, they don’t want to climb the corporate ladder, they only want the best tasks, they want frequent praise and recognition. But doesn’t every new generation of young people irritate the […]
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Generations at Work: What’s Your Favorite Story?

I’d like to ask you a favor: what’s your favorite story about the generational gap, the way different age groups behave and interact at work? Right now we’re hearing a lot of comments about how different younger workers are from older ones, as I’ve been blogging about. Some of these stories are funny, some are […]
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Boomer Retirement: Are You Ready for the Labor Storm?

We haven’t yet seen any mass exodus of Boomers from the workplace: most are waiting for their retirement funds to improve. Since many are still relatively healthy and vibrant due to improved health habits and medical innovations, they see no reason to stop working. Sooner or later, they will retire, leaving gaps in positions that […]
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Leading Gen X and Gen Y: Don’t Put Me in a Box

There’s so much misinformation and false assumptions about what it’s like to manage younger workers. I caution people to not jump to conclusions when they categorize the younger generations at work. No one likes to be put into a box and be stereotyped. Here’s a great blog post about what it’s like for Gen X […]
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Clashes with the “What’s In It for Me?” Generation

I hear about the frustrations more frequently: managers are concerned about their younger workers. Clashes are popping up. I call them generational clash points, a term I picked up from Cam Marston’s insightful book, Motivating the ‘What’s In It for Me’ Workforce. What are the major clashes that arise when older managers work with younger […]
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Leading Gen Y: An Interview with a Gen X Entrepreneur

How can Boomer managers and other leaders understand Gen Y better? I recently caught an interview with Greg Hartle, Leading Gen Y: the Secrets Every Leader Must Learn. Greg Hartle is an interesting entrepreneur from and here are a few selected excerpts from his interview with Lisa Petrilli, on C-Level Strategies blog. “To me, […]
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The Changing World of Work: Age Diversity

Let’s be frank: if you’re over 45, and manage younger workers, you see how age diversity is becoming more of an issue. Over the years we’ve addressed diversity issues on gender, ethnic, and sexual differences. It’s time to become aware and accepting of how the world of work is changing due to generational diversity. Even […]
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Bridging the Generational Gap

The generational gap has never been wider. Since leaders and bosses are the ones who must take action to bridge the gap, what changes in leadership and management practices are necessary? How can we motivate younger workers to do their best? I see this often when I go into companies to work with their people. […]
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Leadership and the New Generations

Last week I asked the question, “Is Leadership Changing?” I think it is, and it must. Here’s why: You only have to take note of the generational change in the workplace.  With four generations currently working, the clash of expectations has never been more poignant. As of this writing, the four generations include Traditionals (ages […]
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