Clarity Takes You Where You Want to Go

Without clarity, our actions are just actions. We’re moving, we’re moving, but we’re not really getting anywhere. It literally doesn’t matter how hard we work, because we’re not working toward anything.

But with clarity, two powerful things happen. The first is, we start making better choices. When you’re clear about what you want, it’s much easier to see what fits with that vision – and what doesn’t. So making good choices gets much easier.

The second is, we get better at managing distractions. Without a clear vision of the dream, distractions are a real problem. Partly because they don’t feel like distractions. They feel like opportunities. “Oh, that’s interesting.” “Oh, that might be good.” So we’re pulled this way and that and we never get anywhere.

With that dream in place, though, with that clarity, distractions now start to FEEL like distractions. We can tell they’re pulling us away from where we want to go, so it’s much easier to push them aside and stay on track.

That’s what clarity does for us: it helps us make better choices and manage distractions. And that combination is a very powerful force in our lives.

So how do we get it? How do we get clear about what we want?

Make a List

The first step is to simply make a list. I call this your “Want List.” What things do you really want? At this point, it could be anything. Don’t limit yourself to things that make sense or seem doable. The sky’s the limit. The only rule should be that it’s truly something YOU want, as opposed to something you think you’re supposed to want or that someone else wants for you.

One good test for that is to imagine how you’ll feel once you get it. Is it intrinsically satisfying for you? Are you truly proud, or are you just thinking of how others will see you?

In any case, step one is make a list. It can be almost anything. But it can’t be everything.

Write it out. Think it through. Narrow it down. This narrowing down process is very important. Ultimately you want to get to 6 or 7 items. These are the top things you feel really passionate about. Things you think would make a real difference in your life.

I know many of you won’t want to write it out. You may say “Okay, I’ve thought about 6 things I want.” But let’s get real here. It’s too easy to forget or to switch and change your want list if it’s not written down. That’s not clarity. Get it onto paper, or the screen. Make it visible.

My co-authors and I had a lot of dreams and ideas before writing our book “Do Eagles Just Wing It?” But if we hadn’t written down our goals, an outline, and a plan for bringing it into publication, we’d still be thinking about it. So do it, make your list, and save it somewhere easy to access. Clear? Good. More on why this important next time.

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