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Leadership Styles: Creating a “Miracle”

Leadership styles in action: I was drawn into a sports movie on TV last night about the 1980 Olympic victory in ice hockey of Team USA over the Soviets. “Miracle” is the story of a group of ragtag college players who were shaped by a hard-driving coach, Herb Brooks. Coach Brooks is played by Kurt […]
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Why We Need to Manage with a 3:1 Positivity Ratio

I’m convinced that most leaders could improve their ability to inspire great work by communicating more positive emotions. When managers communicate appreciation for what’s working instead of focusing so much on what’s wrong, they get better results. There’s plenty of research to back this up (Fredrickson, Losada), but it’s also something smart parents use with […]
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What Do Positive Leaders Actually Do?

In 2005, results of a Gallup research study concluded managers play a crucial role in employee well-being and engagement. Six years later, most of the leaders I talk with are acutely aware of the costs and benefits of engaging their workforce at all levels. Active employee engagement has strong linkages to key business outcomes, including: […]
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Positive Emotions: Can You Be Fired for Laughing?

If positive emotions are so essential for engaging employees and customers, how can you use that research as a leader? Do you encourage laughter at work? Some companies don’t… It’s not a joke: in the 1930s and 1940s, laughter at the Ford Motor Company was prohibited. British management scholar David Collinson tells the tale of […]
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Leadership Positivity: Yes, but…Productivity and Profits?

I read a study of CEOs that showed that positivity training could boost their productivity by 15 percent, and managers improved customer satisfaction by 42 percent. Positivity training programs have shown good results with tax auditors, investment bankers, and lawyers… and these are people who deal with a lot of negative emotions. Briefly, here’s what […]
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On Becoming a More Positive Leader

Positive leaders bring out the best in people. They have a mindset that’s encourages openness, they ask more questions, they try to discover what’s right, and build possibilities and strengths in an organization. How can you become a more positive leader? It’s not easy to go from a negative mindset to one that’s over 3 […]
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Happiness at Work Leads to High Performance

From what I’ve been reading lately (The Happiness Advantage, Shawn Achor), our brains are literally hardwired to perform best when they’re positive. Yet how many of us hunker down with grit and determination when we’ve got important tasks to accomplish? Maybe we need to laugh and smile more. For example, doctors who are put in […]
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5 Ways Leaders Can Reduce Negative Thinking

As if leaders don’t have enough on their plates, now we’re learning leadership success requires more positivity and less negativity. This isn’t as simple as it may seem, and it doesn’t come without well-documented studies. Research from Drs. Barbara Fredrickson and Marcial Losada shows that people go from average to flourishing when their positive emotions […]
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Business Success: Be More Positive than Negative

In business, levels of happiness and positivity create success. A positive brain has more intellectual resources. What’s needed is to improve your positive/negative ratio. I never knew this, but it makes sense: in chemistry and physics there is something called activation energy: in order to catalyze a reaction, there is an initial investment of energy […]
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The Positivity Zone in High Performing Teams

Positivity has attracted the attention of scientists in the last 15 years because of its link to health, long-life and success. Apparently there’s more to “being positive” than just feeling good. When practiced in business teams, it produces bottom line results. There is a specific positivity zone in which teams excel. I’m reading about the […]
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