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Managing Your Energy with Stories

One of the most commonly shared (and seriously flawed) beliefs is that simply spending time on something will generate positive results. If you buy into this premise, then you’re probably rushed much of the time. On the other hand, high-quality, focused energy is essential to achieving results. Just putting in hours isn’t the point. We […]
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Leading with Stories: Breaking through Walls

Sometimes it feels like you need a hammer to get through the self-constructed walls of resistance and apathy. Let’s face it, trying to inspire work groups to do their best isn’t child’s play. Leaders and managers face these challenges every day. It may be getting worse. Life is more complex. We have communication tools that […]
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3 Ways Leaders Say More with Less

What do you think is the biggest  organizational problem that leaders need to solve in today’s business environment? I think leaders have a hard job because they need to make sense of what really matters in clear uncertain terms. I love this book, Rules of Thumb. It’s so easy to pick up and open anywhere.  […]
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The Box and the Bucket: Metaphors for Managing

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how many times a day I give positive feedback as opposed to negative. If you’ve ever tried to track the number of times a day you say or do something, you know how hard it is! It’s bringing up memories of other times I’ve seriously taken a look […]
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What’s Your Ratio of Postive to Negative at Work?

How many times a day do you give positive feedback to someone as compared to negative? You’ve probably never tracked it. And given our positive biases toward self, most of us would probably say we’re more positive by far than negative. But some researchers are studying these things and counting up each positive, negative, and […]
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9 Ways to Build Executive Presence

What exactly is this thing called “executive presence?” I may be wrong, but I think it’s replacing “executive charisma,” which got tarnished in a tsunami of corporate greed and CEO failures in the first decade of this century. Karl Albrecht explains presence as an element of social intelligence (Social Intelligence, 2009), and says it’s the […]
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Coaching Yourself: The Blind Leading the Blind

If I were a younger man (and some days I think I am!), and if I had ambitions to ascend the corporate ladder to the C-suites, I wouldn’t hesitate to seek out the services of a good executive coach. Here’s why… Even though most of us by now have pretty good self-awareness and know our […]
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5 Reasons Executives Avoid Working with a Coach

I read somewhere that some companies experience a return-on-investment of five to eight times the cost of coaching. According to Career Partners International, 40% of 400 U.S. and Canadian business leaders interviewed chose coaching as their preferred method for leadership development. Why wouldn’t all up-and-coming high-potential executives take advantage of the opportunity to improve their […]
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Change for the New Year: Call a Coach

One of the things we can look at changing and improving for the New Year is ourselves and our ability to manage ourselves well. Smart people with career ambitions know they can’t do it alone. (Mainly because we are self-deceptive, but also because coaching works when you need to make personal changes.) Many of the […]
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Why Resolutions and Affirmations Don’t Work

What are your resolutions this year? Most of us joke about them, yet I for one find this a great time to start practicing good habits and affirmations. Some say New Year’s resolutions and affirmations don’t work. They are wrong. They work as long as we work them. Most people give up the first time […]
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