Your Career Decisions: What’s It All About, Really?

All men should strive to learn before they die what they are running from, and to, and why.”—James Thurber

Your career depends upon having clarity of purpose to make the right career decisions.

Just about everyone I know reaches a point where they stop and ask themselves a bunch of “Big WHY’s”…

  • Why am I doing this?
  • Why am I in this job?
  • Why do I bother?
  • Why do I get so upset when it doesn’t go my way?
  • Why me, why now?

Sometimes lack of clarity is because there’s a mid-life crisis is afloat, other times it’s just a temporary stress situation that will pass. Quite often, it’s a huge learning opportunity to discover a turning point, a pivotal moment, when some career decisions need to be made.

I hope if that’s happening to you, you’ll be smart enough to talk it over with a trusted peer, friend, mentor or your coach. Don’t let those Big WHY moments pass you by and forget about them; sometimes they can make a big difference between satisfaction with your life … and regrets.

It’s awfully hard to have any energy or drive if you’re in the middle of the “WHY’s”. Best to get a little coaching and get wise again, instead! (Excuse the pun, I can’t help myself sometimes…;-) !

Finding Energy and Passion

One of the most powerful sources of energy is passion. When we are connected to our most important values and purpose in life, our passion and energy seem boundless. The most compelling source of this energy happens by identifying deeply held values and a purpose beyond one’s self-interest.

What I’m trying to clarify here is this requires a higher order of thinking that includes not just your strengths and talents, but includes ethical and moral reasoning and purpose beyond oneself. When we define purpose to include those values and motivations that are more than self-serving we tap into a very strong source of energy.

However, it is never easy to discover what exactly our higher purpose is. For most of us, our motivations are hidden from our awareness in the realm of the subconscious.

Although we may have a sense of our true values, it is usually only after a life-shattering crisis that we become more interested in discovering what is really important for us. This requires the sort of exploration and questioning best done with a trusted coach or mentor.

Many of us get caught up in following the path others think we should be following. It takes life experience and some failures along the way to force us into getting in touch with what we don’t want for ourselves. That can push us to find what it is we do want.

We let responsibilities and daily chores distract us from our true purpose and deep values. We get too caught up in earning a living and just staying afloat to stay connected with our true purpose in life.

Take some time to reflect on  this. If I can help, let me know. For more information on how a coach can help you clarify your most important values, visit my pages on leadership development and coaching.

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