3 Steps to Facing Difficult Problems

What are three basic steps we can do in difficult, busy times? Sometimes, when things get dicey, we need to sit back, breathe and simplify.

But in the heat of the moment these are the things we forget to do because they seem too simple, too basic.

There are plenty of battles to choose in your efforts to grow business and do the right thing. Choose wisely. Here’s a short video clip about 3 steps that help me:

  1. Set goals, write out your strong compelling goal. This will help keep your focus.
  2. Make a list, of things to do and of what really matters (values). Being able to check off as you go will give you energy. Remind yourself of what really counts to you, your business, your family.
  3. Take action: make sure you follow through and execute. This is the way you create the outcomes you want, not the ones determined by others.

What helps you to stay focused and on track with what really matters?

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