How to Prepare for Selling: 3 Really Tough Tips

Blow your horn

What selling tips are the hardest for professionals to implement?

Previously I introduced 4 tips for preparing the way to successful sales. When you pay attention to these things, your selling becomes a lot easier: be visible, ask your target market, reach out, and be easy to find.

These next tips are harder to implement for many professionals.

  1. Blow your own horn: why is it so many of us have brilliant accomplishments and achieve great rewards, but don’t tell anyone about them? No one else is going to blow your horn.If you’re really uncomfortable with this, let someone else do it. Hire a media specialist, publish some press releases. But don’t hide your brilliance, people deserve to know, and actually would want to know.You want to send a continual flow of up-to-minute news releases of your successes to media outlets and post them online for your targets to read, view or listen to.
  2. Show off: Yes, there are many ways to do this without being obvious. Offer free how-to-do-it seminars or workshops to associations that your target market does business with. Make them valuable and non-commercial, and geared specifically for people in your target audience. If you are trying to get business from CEOs, host the session in an upscale club or elegant restaurant. A great way to do this is to work with strategic partners, ones who have non-competing services. You can offer a seminar that creates a total solution to solve your mutual target’s challenges.
  3. Be patient: None of these tips are designed for instant business success. But all make the sales conversations easier. They are designed to build relationships over time and put your business on a firm foundation for long term, sustainable success.

For more selling tips for smart professionals who may not have selling in their titles, I recommend Masterminds Unleashed: Selling for Genius, of which I am a co-author.

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