What’s Your #1 Business Success Skill?

If you’re a business owner, executive, entreprenuer or other high level professional, sooner or later you realize that your success in business is not about how good you are at doing what you do. Your success depends on how good you are at marketing and selling what you do.

You may have known that all along, or maybe it just occurred to you one day when you realized a competitor was doing great even though they weren’t as good. “He who sells the most, wins,” may have crossed your mind.

Even though you may not be in the business of selling, you’re not a salesperson and that’s not your expertise, if you’re any kind of executive-level professional, your success hinges upon how well you can sell yourself, your services and your expertise.

It’s not the same as selling cookware or cars. You will want to approach learning to improve your sales process a little differently. Some selling skills can be learned naturally, intuitively, and if you’ve crossed over the middle part of your life, you’ve already picked up a few on your own.

One of the reasons I helped put together the book Masterminds Unleashed: Selling for Geniuses was to meet a need for effective sales training for smart professionals who need to sell themselves more than just a physical product.

You may need to sell products, as well, but until you learn the sales processes that work for selling yourself, you won’t get very far with your products.

There’s not a lot out there that speaks to accomplished professionals who already have considerable expertise, but for various reasons, haven’t mastered a sales process that works for them. Success depends on it, yet so many people I meet in various networking situations struggle with it.

You don’t need to be a good salesman to be effective at selling. You don’t even need to be a gregarious extrovert. Most of the skills you already have. You can learn to put them together in a sales process that works for you, no matter what your business is, or what your personality is.

However, you do need to have a plan and an effective sales process that works for you and your business.

I put this book together using the collective wisdom of eight accomplished business owners. So it’s not just me, and my experiences, or from my own limited perspective.  All of my co-authors have great expertise, and share their best sales success principles to help you build your self-confidence, improve your listening skills, and structure your sales activities to get great results fast.

In the next few weeks, I’ll share some of the best tips with you here. Sure, I’d like you to go over to Amazon and buy the book, of course I do. But that’s not why I’m blogging about these sales tips.

I think you’ll see that what I and my co-authors have set out to do is give you some short-cuts you can adapt to your own style, which will help you build trust, extend your reach, and grow business in ways you never expected. And that’s why I want you to know about these selling tips. I think there are some great ideas in the book that are just too good not to be shared.

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