Conscious Selling to the Unconscious Brain

To sell something to somebody, you have to persuade them. You have to influence their decision-making.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking the best way to persuade is to make a logical presentation. Scientists are now discovering how so much of what we think is a conscious decision has in fact been made out of our awareness.

Most behavior and decisions aren’t conscious. So, how can we influence unconscious brain processes? That seems like it would be almost impossible.

A look at books about the brain reveal that as humans, we evolved with three separate systems:

  1. The old brain which governs survival needs
  2. The mid brain which processes emotions and records emotional memory
  3. The new brain, where we have conscious thought, make plans and use logic for decisions

We  use logic and rationality every time we try to influence someone to buy from us, because that is the only part of the brain for which we have conscious awareness. But most behavior and decision-making isn’t conscious. It all happens in the old and mid-brains, in a split second.

Which means that to persuade someone to buy services or products, we have to appeal to the mid brain and the old brain, in addition to the new brain. How?

Social relationships, trust, generosity… thoughtful consideration and respect, genuine interest in others…follow-up and consistency… all those things that go into smart networking and relationship building.

Without establishing an emotional connection to another human being, you can’t expect them to trust you to the point of buying.

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