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When Value Attributions Go Wrong

A common decision mistake is to assign a value based on first impressions or someone else’s recommendation. Value Attribution is a good example of the kinds of things that lead to faulty decision making. This involves judgment and decisions we make upon first impressions. The example I use here was a field experiment run by […]
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The Irrationality of Our Lives

I’m reading books right now about how we make decisions and how irrational we can be. I’ll share them with you here, and suggest you find time to read them. They are easy reads because, unlike many business books, they are full of  examples that make the ideas come alive with real world stories. Predictably […]
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The Drive to Achieve and Executive Pay

As far back as 1993, federal securities regulators forced companies for the first time to reveal details about the pay and perks of their top executives. The reasoning was that once pay was out in the open, boards would be more cautious about outrageous salaries and benefits. They were trying to stop the tide of […]
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Emotions vs Rational Logic: Which Comes First?

I’m reading an interesting book by Jonah Lehrer, How We Decide. It’s surprising, for sure. Here’s what I’m learning… In 2002, the Nobel Prize for economics was awarded to psychology professor, Daniel Kahneman, whose studies proved behyond any doubt that we behave emotionally first, rationally second. Kahneman’s Prospect Theory and the work he did with […]
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How Hiring Decisions Go Wrong…

Can we trust our instant impressions and snap decisions? My interest was sparked this week by a report from Anderson Cooper on CNN. Researchers are doing studies on young children and racial biases. It’s interesting because children of very young ages and of all races and ethnic mixtures are indicating they believe that lighter skin […]
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Snap Decisions: the Wisdom of the Unconscious

How do you make decisions? Quickly? Intuitively? Carefully, after studying all the options? We live in a culture that values cautious decision-making. At least in the business circles I work in, everyone assumes that the quality of a decision is directly related to the time and effort that goes into making it. But psychologists and […]
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Open Discussion: What Annoys You About Some Conversations?

Fridays are good to do a round-up of the week, the good, the not-so-good, the done, the left-undone, and the best/worst recap. Since this week I’ve been reading about Fierce Conversations and Fierce Leadership by Susan Scott, I thought I’d throw the blog open to you readers, and ask: What’s the worst conversation you’ve had […]
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What's So Hard About Real Conversations?

What does it mean to “come out from behind ourselves to have real conversations”? (Susan Scott, Fierce Conversations, 2004) What’s so hard about that? If you’re a leader, your job is to accomplish the goals of the organization. You do that in large part by making every conversation you have as real as possible.  A […]
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In Search of Real Conversations

I remember someone once remarked about a colleague, “He’s a great conversationalist.” And it was true, he always had the longest talks with people and came away knowing more about them than anyone else. My curiosity is aroused about conversations, and has been ever since I picked up the book Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott. […]
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The Art of Real Conversations

Business has always relied on powerful conversations, whether with customers, vendors, colleagues, partners or employees. Business is fundamentally an extended conversation with everyone concerned. Unfortunately many conversations fail. An excellent book that dives deeply into how to develop your conversation skills is Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott. I know it may seem elementary to read […]
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