Are You Over-Committed? Of Course!

Over-committing may be a major reason we lose our “Mojo,” according to Marshall Goldsmith in his recent book by the same name.

If you’re good at what you do and like your job, it’s easy to take on new challenges. You’re bursting with mojo. People want you in their meetings and on their teams.

The old adage, “If you want something done, just ask a busy person,” may apply to you. And if you’re ambitious, the last thing you want to admit to your boss or coworkers is that you can’t handle everything.

If you believe you have superpowers, you will box yourself into a corner by taking on too many tasks. At that point, the quality of work and good humor will begin to fail, and you’ll lose your mojo (and possibly much more).

Ironically, the habit of over-committing has an unintended consequence: It makes us appear under-committed — a perception rarely appreciated by customers, colleagues or bosses.

But this is a problem, because how do you “just say NO?”  What? Me? Of course I can do that! No problem… that is, until there’s a problem because the truth is you can’t do it all. What do you do to set limits and how do you say no?

I’d love to hear from you.

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