How Can You Help Find Meaning at Work?

Do your employees find meaning and purpose in their work? If you’re like most companies, according to Gallup, only about a third of people working are really engaged. So, what can you do to help them achieve meaning and purpose?

You don’t need expensive training programs or complex compensation plans to connect your people to what really matters to them. Instead, create a sense of “we’re all in this together” by sharing what you know about the company’s business plans.

For example, when employees know as much as management does about the company’s financial situation and business plans, they feel a sense of mutual partnership.

The other thing you can do on a more personal level, is to get to know what motivates each of your employees. You can determine this by observing their level of enthusiasm and interest in various parts of a project, be it the tech side of how things work or their desire to lead the team. You can then adapt your communication style and recognition systems to each person’s intrinsic motivation.

“We still haven’t learned that you can’t enroll people’s loyalty and creativity if you’re not willing to enlarge the purpose of the work in ways far beyond money making,” observes Margaret Wheatley, author and organizational expert.

People want to work to help improve the world. Companies that link their mission to core values and a purpose greater than the bottom line will create more engaged workers, boosting profitability in the long run.

Leaders can help by focusing on how much employees can grow, develop and find satisfaction in their work. Successful leaders focus not only on financial results, but also think about the experiences and opportunities that provide employees with intrinsic rewards as they contribute to building something substantial.

What excites people about their jobs? Have you asked them lately?

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