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What's the Best Way to Bring Out the Best in People?

In the eighty years that have passed since the Hawthorne study, observations of people at work reveal much the same thing: in order to tap into the potential of human capital, executives and leaders must pay attention to their employees. And that attention should be on a level that respects their basic human nature and […]
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How Do You Motivate People at Work?

One of the earliest studies of human behavior at work was done at AT&T’s Western Electric Hawthorne Plant from 1927 by Harvard’s Elton Mayo and published in a report by F. J. Roethlisberger and W. Dickson, Management and the Worker. Their principle findings are still relevant today: when workers have an opportunity to contribute their […]
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Is Motivation an Inside or Outside Job?

Motivating others is surprisingly difficult. It’s more complex than it appears. The most basic solution suggests that all motivation is intrinsic (i.e., found within the person you are trying to motivate). But knowing what motivates each employee on a personal level is impractical. To inspire your people to excel, you need to help them find […]
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8 Career Anchors: What Matters Most

More than 30 years ago, Edgar Schein, a Sloan Fellows Professor of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, proposed that people are primarily motivated by one of eight career anchors: 1. Technical/functional competence2. General managerial competence3. Autonomy/independence4. Security/stability5. Entrepreneurial creativity6. Sense of service7. Pure challenge8. Freedom to organize themselves around their private lives Once […]
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How Can You Help Find Meaning at Work?

Do your employees find meaning and purpose in their work? If you’re like most companies, according to Gallup, only about a third of people working are really engaged. So, what can you do to help them achieve meaning and purpose? You don’t need expensive training programs or complex compensation plans to connect your people to […]
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