Monolithic Oil…a conservation love story

The only time I look forward to a red light is when I’m trying to finish a text.

National Lampoon has been putting out very funny, very satirical material for years. Long before there was “Vacation” and other National Lampoon movies, they put out a bunch of comedy albums. One in particular that I loved was an album titled; “That’s Not Funny, That’s Sick”

Reading the quote above reminded me of a cut from the album. It was called “Monolithic Oil” and was a mock commercial from an oil company talking about Conservation. It was the late 70’s and the battle for our environment were raging. Earth Day was in its infancy having started in 1970.

“Monolithic Oil” suggested that to save on oil and conserve energy that we do several things. One of them was to ignore Red Lights and just keep on driving. Since stopping and starting takes more energy, the resulting fuel savings would more than offset the property damage and loss of life. Sick, huh? No one would ever suggest something like this, would they? Nobody would be that crazy, right?

There is a lot of pressure for businesses to be “green” these days. There is a lot of passion in the debate, and that passion sometimes obscures objectivity. When objectivity disappears, so does our sense of humor. And of course, when we lose our sense of humor, we miss opportunities to improve.

In my next newsletter, due out November 10, I will be asking my readers to consider sustainability in their lives and businesses. I wasn’t sure that the newsletter was an appropriate place to bring up what has become a political issue. However, out of every issue comes opportunity. There are unique competitive advantages here, if we can be objective enough to find them.

I would invite you to read the newsletter, and would appreciate your comments on it. I would also appreciate any comments you might have on ways we can become more sustainable. Thanks!

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