5 Things That Get In the Way of Coaching

Here are five potential hurdles to developing executives and convincing them to change their behaviors:

1. Lack of authentic feedback: The more authority you have, the less likely you are to seek and receive authentic feedback. You may present an air of confidence and dominance that discourages meaningful interactions. (Photocredit: Shutterstock)

2. Lack of time or value placed on reflection: Most executives face enormous, continuous and widely varying demands on their time. The likelihood of having time to reflect on behavior is minimal. Furthermore, it’s not in the nature of most hard-driving, results-oriented personalities to be introspective.

3. Reluctance to reveal weaknesses to others: Leaders strive to continually project an aura of confidence and competence. Complicating matters, the organization and your peers may discourage you from appearing vulnerable.

4. Reluctance to acknowledge weaknesses to oneself: Executives often steer clear of acknowledging their personal weaknesses. When your behaviors lead to positive business results, you may rationalize weaknesses in interpersonal style. But denial works for only so long before complexity, stress and challenges take their toll.

5. Fear of letting go of a previously successful style: If your leadership style has been working just fine for a few years, you may fear that modifying it puts your effectiveness at risk.

Resource for more on this good topic: Your Executive Coaching Solution: Getting Maximum Benefit from the Coaching Experience, by Joan Kofodimos, Davies-Black Publishing, 2007.

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