You're Wrong!

Nothing sucks more than that moment during an argument when you realize you’re wrong.

There is always a time when you realize that the arguments that you are having with yourself and the ones you love aren’t working. It may happen in the middle of an argument, or it may happen a couple of days later. However it will happen.

As you feel yourself getting argumentative, ask yourself one simple question:

Is it more important to be right, or more important to create a relationship?

That simple question may keep you from a world of self inflicted pain.

Chip Scholz is Head Coach of Scholz and Associates, Inc.. He is an executive coach, facilitator and speaker. He is co-author or Masterminds Unleashed: Selling for Geniuses. More information about the book is available at His clients are clear about what’s important to them, focused on outcomes, attentive to new opportunities and intentionally creating their future. Give Chip a call at 704-827-4474 to find out more.

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