What is POWER?

Power can be defined in a number of ways…the dictionary has more than two full pages devoted to the definition.

I have a simple definition…power is the ability to get things done. The powerful people you know are the ones that do more, more often and get the job done.

Those without power have made the decision to be powerless, or to become victims.

Here is a simple way to understand how to build your personal power, and how to make it work in your life:

P stands for Purpose. Understanding your purpose leads to a greater sense of power.

O stands for Obligation. With power comes a responsibility to do something, to take action.

W stands for Willingness. It is a positive attitude to do what it will take to succeed and get things done.

E stands for Energy. Powerful people exude energy, they energize others and empower enlightented work.

R stands for Reflections. Powerful leaders are reflective of the people and places they inhabit. They also take time to reflect on their own thoughts and how what they are doing may provide benefit.

Take a few moments to reflect on your leadership style. How do you stack up?

Chip Scholz is Head Coach of Scholz and Associates. He is an executive coach, facilitator, speaker and author, working in the fields of sales, leadership, collaboration and communication. His clients are clear about what’s important to them, focused on correct outcomes, attentive to new opportunities and intentionally creating their future. Give Chip a call at 704-827-4474 to find out more.

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